Certificate of Authorized Employment

If you want to change your Job, you should get Certificate of Authorized Employment.

If you get it,almost 100%, you can get next your  Extension of Period of Stay.

According to your application, Certification of Authorized Employment is issued by Minister of Justice and prove that you are authorized to take a job.
When taking a new job in your present Status of Residence, if your new job fall in the same Status of Residence category, you only have to notify the change of workplace on your Residence Card at Immigration.
However, if you cannot judge whether next job fall in same category of present Status of Residence or not, we recommend you to apply for Certificate of Authorized Employment.
Because, with this certification, you can make the process of Extension of Period of Stay smoothly next time.
And, when seeking your job, Certificate of Authorized Employment enable Japanese employer to judge easily whether the job fall in your permitted activities.

Typical Case
1. Foreigner is seeking job
2. Foreigner who changed job is scheduling to apply Extension of Period of Stay

Keep in mind
1. If you didn’t change your job, Certificate of Authorized Employment may be issued in one day, but if you changed your job, it will takes 1 month to 3 months. Therefore you had better apply 6 months before your expiration of period of Stay.
2. If your Period of Stay remain within 6 months, you had better apply Extension of Period of Stay at the 3 month before the date your expiration.
3. If your next job activities is changed completely, you had better apply Change of Status of Residence.

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